Practicing Traditional Midwifery with Nutritional and Herbal Guidance

Childbirth Classes

The following classes are offered to all Blessings of the Womb clients as well as to any woman who wants to be as informed as possible about her pregnancy, regardless of where she chooses to give birth.

Nutrition & Exercise
The Foundation of a Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

The developing baby
Changes in the mother
Prenatal technology

Labor & Birth
Understanding what you already know
Fathers are welcome

Complications & Variations of Normal
Blessings of the Womb Current Statistics

What the complication or variation was,
what we did about it & the outcome

The Amazing Newborn
Common concerns while caring for your baby
The other side of the debate: vaccines & circumcision

Postpartum & Breastfeeding
How to protect your journey after the birth
Self care & your body after birth

It takes two, the keys to successful breastfeeding
Nourishing yourself to nourish your baby

Services We Offer

Prenatal Care

I will assess your vitals, urinalysis, measurement of baby’s growth and listen to the baby’s heart tones. Just as importantly, I hope to build a trusting relationship during this time and time I give you! I spend an hour or more with each client and discuss nutrition, give herbal recommendations when appropriate, and encourage you to be easy on yourself so you can be the best that you can be while enjoying this journey. Also, I am able to facilitate any testing that is requested or suggested such as ultrasound, etc.

A planned home birth increases your privacy, comfort and convenience. It reduces the rate of medical interventions; changes the provider-power dynamics, facilitates family involvement and provides a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Giving birth at home can be a cherished experience but it takes careful preparation with a professional and courteous midwife to assist and help direct the appropriate steps for the outcome you have worked so hard to achieve.
I will be in contact with you by phone and come to your home to care for you when you begin active labor.  Another midwife will also attend to assist us during your labor and birth.  You will meet the assistant during your prenatal care, most likely at your home visit.
Underwater Birth
Some of the benefits are… Facilitates mobility and enables the mother to assume any position which is comfortable for labor and/or pushing, reduces blood pressure, gives more feelings of control, provides significant pain relief, promotes relaxation, conserves energy, and reduces perineal tearing. It is highly rated by mothers and midwives!

I have attended many water births, more than 25% of my clients use the pools I have available.

Postpartum Care
During our postpartum visits I do a complete newborn exam. Also, I will do the Newborn Blood Spot Screening (NBS) and the Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening (CCHD), as discussed during prenatal care, upon request.

It is essential for every mother to receive qualified, compassionate care immediately after birth and for weeks to come. It doesn’t matter if you gave birth to baby #1 or baby #12! Women deserve it and need it more than they realize. During the first week after the birth, I remain in daily contact with you by phone or by personal visit. I come to your home to do a complete and through exam on both you and your baby twice after the birth. The first one is within 48 to 72 hours after the birth and then again on day 5 to 7. I also offer two additional postpartum visits in the office at 2 -3 weeks and again at 6 weeks.

Postpartum depression is excessive in the United States so our assessment doesn’t just cover the physical aspects of care at this time but also the emotional aspects as well. With that in mind, we would continue to focus on individual and personalized care.

Breastfeeding Assistance
Proper latch is the most important aspect of successfully nursing your baby. Also, plenty of water and an extra 1000 calories a day is a must for the nursing mom. As a nursing mother myself, I have compassion concerning the work and patience it takes to avoid problems that arise during breastfeeding. We are willing to help in any way so you can establish a beautiful nursing relationship. Shortly after birth I or my assistant will carefully help you and your baby to breastfeed. I will continue to assist the two of you in any way I can so to establish a beautiful nursing relationship.
Lending Library
I have found, over the years of doing birth work, that women who seek out a midwife to have her baby, her way, at home, surrounded by the people of her choice, is in every aspect an educated consumer.

In order to assist her I have established an extensive lending library that contains books, DVDs (and yes, I still have some great VHS tapes) on a variety of subjects from conception to child training and most things in-between.