My Philosophy & Mission

I focus on proper nutrition and education as the building blocks of a healthy pregnancy and birth. I spend a lot of time with my clients establishing a trusting relationship.  The intensive  childbirth classes will allow you to see the other side of the story concerning vaccines, circumcision, and much more.  I will help you to discover the kind of birth experience you wish to have.

Statistics continually prove that homebirth is safe for healthy women.  The European Director of the World Health Organization suggested that the U.S. develop a “strong independent midwifery profession as a counterbalance to the obstetrical profession in preventing excessive interventions in the normal birth process”.  Currently Michigan has a higher rate of low-risk C-sections than the national average at 33%, according to Blue Cross, Blue Shield. My rate of transfer from homeBirth to the hospital for a C-section remains at 5%. This is partially due to my belief in the body’s ability to function optimally, if given the chance, and coordinating my care with chiropractic care. Most importantly, you must find your own “safe place” to be able to totally surrender your body to labor and birth.

While I serve women and their partners from all spiritual backgrounds, my service comes to each one of you through the Love of Christ.

Robin Lavis, LM, CPM

I am a Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife continuing to practice in a traditional manner.   I received my training through a three-year apprenticeship program which included both academic and clinical experience.  The clinical training took place in both a home birth setting as well as a birth center.  The variety of each birth setting offered the opportunity to work with different midwives which allowed me to gain the well-rounded experience in which I now base my approach to birth.